UW Tacoma campus operations suspended Tuesday, Dec. 28

Due to continued cold weather and icy conditions on and around our campus and on streets and sidewalks in the downtown area, UW Tacoma will suspend operations Tuesday, Dec. 28. UW Tacoma also suspended operations Monday, Dec. 27.

UW Bothell suspended operations Monday, Dec. 27. Operations remain normal at this time on the Seattle campus.

When operations are suspended, most campus facilities are closed, and non-essential personnel do not report to campus locations for in-person work. With approval from supervisors, non-essential personnel may work remotely. More information about UW suspended operations policy is available here.

Because this week is winter break, there are no classes or events scheduled.

Please continue to use caution when walking or driving on or around campus. The facilities team is making progress clearing snow and applying traction agents on walks, but there are still areas with snow and ice.